Tom Creguer (Cray-jur) recently served as a Slot/RB Coach at Northwood University. Coach is also the Inventor/Founder of HIGHandTIGHT, a teaching and training football utilized by over 12 NFL programs, 60+ NCAA programs, 300+ HS across the Nation and some of the best Youth programs as well.

A teacher by profession, a coach by calling, Coach Creguer has been training athletes to over-achieve for 30 plus years. As a self-proclaimed “fundamentalist” and “competition addict” coaching future leaders of our great country has always been about Making A Difference in the lives of those we touch on a daily basis.

Coach grew up playing football like most kids back in the day, in their yard, and then learned from a dad-coached youth league. Coach went on to play Running back and Linebacker in a small farming community in the “thumb” of Michigan. Receiving only letters from a few D3 programs and not being recruited to play College football. Regardless of reality, he followed his dream and walked “into” his future D1 Head Coach’s office in the summer of 1989, introduced himself and graduated a Co-Captain 6 years later as a 1st Team All-Conference Academic performer on a Mid American Conference Championship team getting to play his final collegiate game in a bowl game.

This once D3 talented, D1 accomplished athlete soon took his passion to the D2 level as a coach. He started as a volunteer assistant and quickly feel in love with all facets of the College Coaching game. He quickly transitioned into many Collegiate roles including: Director of Football Operations, Recruiting Coordinator, Special Teams Coordinator, Equipment Manager, Wide Receivers coach, whatever the program needed to be successful. Successful they were, Northwood University won 3 GLIAC Championships and made it to the Final 8 in the NCAA tournament in the first eight seasons Coach was involved.

A D1 career never should have been in the cards for a kid that barely had a D3 level of ability. If you want different results, you need to do different things, have a plan and work that plan each day.